OiC Board 2015-2016:

Silje_StrandSilje Strand (28)
Board Chairman and Mission Project Responsible
Working as Nurse.
Active in OiC since 2011.
“One thing I would like us to accomplish through the board; bettering the communication between the different ministry teams”


Heidi Vego (25)
Vice leader, secretary
Currently studying medicine
Heidi has been active in OiC since January 2012, and was active in media ministry from 2012-2015.
“I wish to see OiC develop in a healthy direction, with a good internal structure and communication, where people are encouraged and inspired to use their gifts to honor Christ.”

Hans Knot (28)
Working as Software service manager
Been in OIC since summer 2014 together with wife Mirthe.
“I have the ambition to serve OIC in such a manner that we can grow as a community by motivating the OIC members to take ownership of the vision and organising regular summits where we align with the members on the current goals and what kind of commitment is needed to reach these goals.”

Gunnar_VatnarGunnar Vatnar (35)
Growth group responsible
Working as Landscape architect
In OiC for 3 years.
“One thing you would like to see happen/accomplish during your time in the board – I want to see OiC follow Christ”