Prayer for Oslo

8th – 15th of January 2012
  – In line with our theme of prayer, we bring to your attention Prayer for Oslo which is a united prayer effort among the churches around Oslo happening daily.

Round the clock prayer and programs will be held at Menigheten i Filadelfia, St. Olavsgt.24, 0130 Oslo. Feel free to participate and pray for Oslo and it’s population.

More information and program can be found at (in Norwegian) or a simple program in English at or to download the background document in English – click here.

On Your Knees

Prayer works!

Sunday, 8th of January 2012 at 5:00pm – Have you ever faced situation of desolation, forsaken, and being stripped of every human resources? Or occasions of gratitude, relief or anticipation? Prayer helps, and God answers prayer. For the start of this year we open with the Prayer series from Maicon Steuernagel.

Church service resumes back at Gamlebyen Church as usual at 5:00pm.

We have Sunday School.