Sunday Service

Every Sunday we have service at 4 pm, in Bakkehaugen Kirke. The service usually consist of worship, prayer and preaching. After the service, all are welcome to church coffee. For the children, we have Sunday School during the preaching.

Notice: Different times for the turn of the year 2017-2018
Around the turn of the year, Sunday services may take place at different times because of other celebrations taking place at the church. The Sunday services are:

  • December 3rd: Advent celebration at OiC at 16:00.
  • December 10th: Sunday service at 11:00.
  • December 17th: Sunday service at 16:00.
  • December 24th: Sunday service at 11:00.
  • December 31st: Sunday service at 11:00.
  • January 7th: Sunday service at 11:00.
  • January 14th and onward: Sunday service at 16:00.

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You can find directions on Oslo’s public transit website or the RuterReise app. Simply write Bakkehaugen Kirke as your destination.

Here are the bus and subway stops close by: