The Steuernagel familyHi, my name is Maicon Steuernagel and I am the pastor of Oslo International Church. My wife and I came to Norway in the autumn of 2010. We are both from Brazil and came as missionaries through the Brazilian missionary organization Missão Zero and the Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS). We got involved with OiC from the very beginning of our time here, and I have been the pastor since autumn 2011.

I have studied Theology and Social Anthropology and share my time between OiC and NMS. My wife, Carolina, has studied Medicine with a specialization in Family Practice and is now taking a master’s in International Community Health. Besides these studies she is also involved with KIA – Kristent Interkulturelt Arbeid – in a project for health promotion. We love cooking and sharing life around a good meal, and love the wonderful multiplicity of fantastic people that is OiC!

Our son Oliver was born in Oslo summer 2013. He spends his time trying to understand the world and all it contains, and naming it all in Portuguese, English and Norwegian.

Pastor Maicon Steuernagel