Egypt Ministries of Mercy

OiC’s continuous mission project is Egypt Ministries of Mercy.

This centre is in one of the poorest parts of Cairo, and the only of its kind among tens of thousands of people. It is supported by several volunteer doctors.

It supports the community with:

  • A health clinic with a ward, x-ray unit and mobile eye-clinic.
  • A kindergarten and an orphanage.
  • Vocational training for adults.
  • A social meeting place.

Diakonalt senter i Kairo. Foto- Åslaug I Thingnæs.jpg (normal)A mobile eye-clinic visits villages in poor areas of the country and performs minor eye surgeries. Bigger surgeries have to be performed at the clinic in Cairo. Several thousand patients are treated every year.

There is a small medical ward, and 40-60 patients are treated every week.

The kindergarten receives 50 kids every day, and six orphans live here.

Adults without education receive training to become weavers or carpenters, and this helps some of them to find work.

The facility gives people a place to meet, both Christians and Muslims. There is a monthly gathering for women. Thirty to 40 meet for teaching and discussions on issues like health, family, and religion.

OiC gives 10% of its offerings to support Egypt Ministries of Mercy – a partnership made possible by NMS.