Get involved

OiC is a small church. Every member has their unique gifts, personality and experience which is needed and is an important contribution to the development of the church. However, we do not always know what everyone can, and would like, to contribute with.

Do you play an instrument? Sing? Are you good at preaching? Would you like to help out with welcoming guests or preparing church coffee? Take care of the kids? Lead a growth group? Do you have a testimony you would like to share? Please let us know – with your talents and gifts, you can be a part of building the church!

Ministry teams are the groups responsible for the different ministries in church. Being part of a group requires some commitment. If you are interested in one of these groups, contact the responsible of that group.

Sound and projection
You can determine the mix of the band that the church hears, or you are in charge of the slides that are shown during the service. If you like to contribute but just have some time around the service on Sunday, this ministry may be for you!
Contact Lars Woodhouse

Media Ministry
We want to let new people know who we are, and keep people in church updated, through different media sources. Are you interested in helping out, want to contribute with something for our website/newsletter, or have any feedback, let me know!
Contact Arnoud

Sunday School
If you enjoy taking care of children, perhaps this is something for you. If you want to help out some of the Sundays, or if you want to join the group which are planning the kids ministry, please contact us!
Contact Mathilde Prenevost

Music Ministry
Do you like to sing or play an instrument? Music ministry is responsible for the worship during the services, and are always welcoming new people!
Contact Ragnhild Bommen

Service Planning Group
The SPG is responsible for finding preachers, people to lead the church services, and planning topics for the preaching series.
Contact Maicon Steuernagel

Social Events Group
The fellowship is a very important part of our church. Every semester we plan and arrange different events that are open for all to join.
Contact Carol Steurnagel

Church Coffee
Every Sunday we have church coffee after the service, a great time to get to know the others in church. So we need volunteers to come early to prepare coffee and tea, and to bring some snacks, cake, or fruit. Please let us know if you would like to contribute!

You can sign up for church coffee via
Contact Gjertrud