Morning services

A few of our upcoming services will be at 11am instead of our usual time of 4pm. This is to accommodate other activities around Christmas.

  • December 10: 1100h
  • December 17: 1600h
  • December 24: 1100h
  • December 31: 1100h
  • January 7: 1100h
  • January 14 and onward: 1600h

Please mark the dates in your calendar and we’ll see you early at Bakkehaugen kirke!

You can follow our calendar for an up-to-date schedule.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Advent Celebration

We are approaching Advent, which is a time for the church to be together, celebrate and meditate on the huge blessing of Christmas and praise God for his incarnation among us as the Messiah. It is news of salvation for all peoples.

OiC has been giving us the opportunity to taste and see this divine worldwide plan of redemption as we meet brothers and sisters from several countries, ages, cultures, languages and backgrounds, all together in one community.

We celebrate on Sunday December 3rd and have a full day program. You don’t want to miss it!

  • 13:00: Advent workshops in which we make Christmas cards, decorations, cookies and candles.
  • 15:00: Potluck dinner. Please bring and enjoy our food together.
  • 16:30: Service with a Nativity play by the children.
  • 17:45: Church coffee.

We are looking for volunteers to have fun running the workshops and logistics, please let Junior know if you can help.

Art Night

God, the creator, created us in his likeness. And since the very beginning, throughout the history of mankind and of the Church, we have expressed who God is, addressed him in worship and contemplated His being, through that very creativity he has instilled in us. Art is more than a tool. It’s a necessity.

Join us for Art Night on Saturday, October 28 at 1900h at Lyder Sagens gate 7.

More details to come. Sign up on Facebook or our newsletter for the latest updates.




A pharisee, a samaritan woman, a Roman governor and an ashamed disciple. Their life-stories were completely different, yet they shared a common experience. All of them had found themselves face to face in a personal conversation with the wandering teacher from Nazareth. And for each of them this encounter had raised deep questions about themselves and the man in front of them. What can we learn from their encounter with Jesus? What will we learn, if we’re encountered by him?

Join us as we explore our new semester theme, “Encounters,” Sundays at 4pm at Bakkehaughen kirke.