This is My Son

John had been baptizing people for repentance in the waters of the Jordan. But then Jesus comes to be baptized… one who did not need repentance. John, awkward at baptizing one whom he felt should baptize him, consents at Jesus request. Then something unique happens. Heaven was opened, the Spirit of God descended like a dove and a voice from Heaven said “This is my son”! Here is much more than a confirmation of what John had been saying, that the Messiah was coming and had indeed come in that man he had just baptized. Here is the trinitarian revelation of who Jesus was, of who God is, and of how we were to relate to Him. As Matthew tells us of the beginning and the developments of Jesus ministry, he welcomes us into the mystery of God’s incarnation in this unlikely Messiah.

This is the theme of the coming 3 Sundays in OiC, as a part or the semester theme “Get up and Follow – Matthew tells about Jesus”


Get up and follow


That’s the invitation Matthew got from Jesus. Or was it a challenge? Or both?
He was sitting at the tax collector’s booth where he worked, and there Jesus met him and told him “Follow me”. It wasn’t even a question, Jesus didn’t present the pros and cons and let Matthew evaluate the proposal. “Follow me”.
Matthew did. He got up and followed, and went from being a tax collector tobeing a gospel writer. This semester we want to listen as Matthew tells about the man who changed his life. The man who changed the world. The man who showed the face and grace of God. The man who taught him a new way of thinking about wealth and riches. The man who taught him how to talk with God. This semester, we let Matthew tell us about Jesus.

New Years Service

We celebrated Christmas and 2015 is just around the bend. How do we want to start our year in OiC?
We have dreams and hopes for this year, and we have everything we carry, good and tough, from 2014. So we want to start by stoping… and praying.
This sunday we have opportunity for spending time in prayer, alone and in fellowship. To share our sorrows and joys, hopes and fears, with the One to whom we submit it all.
Welcome to our New Year Service!
At Lyder sagens gate 7.

1PM: We open our prayer stations. Come and spend some time in prayer alone or with others, or be prayed for.
3PM: Dinner. We share soup and bread (you don’t need to bring anything)
4PM: Sunday Service


Girls & Boys gatherings this weekend!

Girls’ night on Friday 14th of November at 18:30.girls-applying-makeup1

We will be at Lyder Sagens Gate 7.
We will exchange used clothes. So, if you have anything in your closet that you don’t feel like using anymore, bring it! You may come with a bag full of “I don’t like these anymore” and go back home with a bag of “look all the new stuff I’ve got!”….

We will get our nails done. So, if you have any nail polish, bring it! If you don’t have it, it’s your chance to use mine

More ideas are welcome!

Boys Gathering Saturday 15th of November at 14:15 10352148_913285095350714_8294761132179627418_n

We meet at Skar bus stop, at 2:15pm. From there it’s a 30 minutes walk to a place called Øyungen.

We’ll find a nice spot by the lake, make a fire, sit around it and talk and grill. We’ll talk about what challenges we meet being both men and christian… and about whatever else we feel like. Sounds good right?

You can take bus 51 to Skar. You can either meet us there 2:15PM, or meet us at Nydalen, where we will take the bus that leaves 1:54PM.

We’ll make a fire and bring a grill for it, you bring whatever you want to grill on it!
Men make fire!!!!