Events in November and December

Three social events are coming up this autumn:

  • Girl’s gathering on November 20 with a potluck dinner, clothes exchange and a very nice talk with Liuba Brenne
  • Guy’s gathering on November 21 for a gathering in the woods
  • Advent gathering on December 13 for workshops, a potluck dinner, service, and church coffee

For the first two events, please sign up on our Facebook group for updates and more info.

Social Events in 2015

Reconciled – Sunday Oct 18th

A letter. From Paul to the Corinthians. From a man who’s life had been turned upside down by the Jesus he now called Christ. A man who had been through a lot, and would gladly endure more for the sake of the Gospel by which he lived. A letter to people wanting to follow this same Gospel. People in place and time, Corinth. People with struggles and doubts, sins and joys, confusion and repentance. Sounds familiar? Let’s open it!

See you on Sunday at 4pm at Bakkehaugen Kirke!2 Corinthians

Escaping Neverland

Escaping Neverland... and growing in the Mustard Seed Kingdom

Peter Pan was a boy that refused to grow up… so he found refuge in Neverland. He didn’t want to grow up because he didn’t want to miss the fun… but also because he, quite honestly, didn’t want to deal with the reality of life. We want to invite you to escape Neverland and come to a different place, where growing is maturing for life, forever. Come hear about how we grow in the Mustard Seed Kingdom. And this is not another fairy tale. This is real life!

See you on Sunday at 4pm at Bakkehaugen Kirke!

Semester start at Langøyene – Saturday, September 5

Welcome to an eventful day for students, young adults, and families, and meet new people. Whether you’ve been in Oslo for a long time or are completely new, this is a great way to meet new people on a trip to one of Oslo fjord’s pearls: Langøyene.

This Saturday (September 5) we will meet up at Rådhusbrygga at 1115h, where we’ll take ferry B4 to the island. You only need a Ruter “Zone 1” pass for the ferry, which is the same Zone for all of inner Oslo (subway, busses, trams, and ferry).

Here’s our timeline:

  • Please arrive at Rådhusbrygga 1115h, since the ferry leaves at 1130h sharp.
  • 1200h we’ll start with devotions and find some adventure on the trail.
  • 1330h – Grilling. Please take something to throw on the grill and something to drink. There will also be time for volleyball, swimming in the fjord (still warm this time of year!), “kubb“, slacklining… etc.

This event is organised by NMSNMS U Øst, and F2.

Event poster

Event poster (Norwegian)