Girls & Boys gatherings this weekend!

Girls’ night on Friday 14th of November at 18:30.girls-applying-makeup1

We will be at Lyder Sagens Gate 7.
We will exchange used clothes. So, if you have anything in your closet that you don’t feel like using anymore, bring it! You may come with a bag full of “I don’t like these anymore” and go back home with a bag of “look all the new stuff I’ve got!”….

We will get our nails done. So, if you have any nail polish, bring it! If you don’t have it, it’s your chance to use mine

More ideas are welcome!

Boys Gathering Saturday 15th of November at 14:15 10352148_913285095350714_8294761132179627418_n

We meet at Skar bus stop, at 2:15pm. From there it’s a 30 minutes walk to a place called Øyungen.

We’ll find a nice spot by the lake, make a fire, sit around it and talk and grill. We’ll talk about what challenges we meet being both men and christian… and about whatever else we feel like. Sounds good right?

You can take bus 51 to Skar. You can either meet us there 2:15PM, or meet us at Nydalen, where we will take the bus that leaves 1:54PM.

We’ll make a fire and bring a grill for it, you bring whatever you want to grill on it!
Men make fire!!!!


Blood relationship. That’s how my dictionary defines the word kinship. It’s not the most common word to hear on our daily conversations, but that’s probably why I liked it as a title for our next series in OiC. It makes you think about why it’s being used, and what you mean by using it. In that sense, and with this straight forward definition that is given to me by my dictionary, it can work as an anchor for one of our Vision Statements in OiC, which we have called “Church as family”.

When we were in the process of writing our vision statements, which involved the whole congregation, the word family popped up again and again. Family. It was so insistent we understood it had to be a part of how we talk about ourselves and understand ourselves. As family. But there is a risk of misinterpretation in the title of the statement: that we will read “church like family”. So in the paragraph under that title we say that “when we call each other brothers and sisters, it is more than a manner of speaking”. So it is more than being “like” family, it is indeed kinship. How? How can a Brazilian, a Norwegian and a Chinese who didn’t even know of each other’s existence before meeting in OiC, be indeed kin?

This first sunday in the series we will find out where it all begins: at the maternity ward.

Welcome to OiC’s new series: Kinship

This sunday 9 Nov: At the maternity ward

Torchlight in support of persecuted people

Open Doors and Stefanusalliansen are every year having a torchlight in support of people that are persecuted for their faith. This year the focus is on Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria.

It is on October 29th, starting at Oslo Domkirke at 17:00.

17:00: Program inside the church with Helen Berhane from Eritrea

18:00 Torchlight, walking to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and handing over the petition to the foreign minister.

We need some people to help out:

  • 6 people to carry banners (have to meet at 16:50)
  • 2 people to welcome and hand out programs (have to meet at 16:15)

Contact Maria if you would like to help out!

We encourage people to go and show their support.


Offerings this Sunday to “TV aksjonen”

This Sunday, 19th of October, we will give the offering in church to “TV aksjonen” (TV campaign). An annual campaign in Norway.

“Water Changes Everything”

This year the money goes to support Norwegian Church Aid in their work to give clean water to one million people, in 8 countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Etiopia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti.

For more information, (in Norwegian)

Welcome to OiC’s Children of God service 28th of September

We have been blessed in OiC with the birth of many children these past few years! We have received them as a gift not only to their families, but to us as family in Christ. We have also strived to be faithful in our role and give our children a space for growth and for learning the ways of the Lord. As we often say in our Sunday Services, we want them to grow feeling and knowing that it is good to be in the house of the Lord, among the people of God, learning to follow Jesus. We want them to experience God’s love in us! At the same time we find that the children are also our teachers in faith.
“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10.15).
Yes, the children are a gift from God and belong to Him. They are Children of God. But also on us God has lavished such love that we have become Children of God!
In our service this Sunday we want to be children together. Children of God. We want to sing together, listen to God’s story together and pray together. The little ones will be with us during the first part of the service… or maybe it is us that will be allowed to be with them?
Let us celebrate and worship as Children of God.