Fish or Snake?

What’s the deal with prayer, and what are we asking for? When Jesus spoke about prayer in the Sermon on the Mount, he said that no good father gives his son a snake when the son asks for fish. Then he said that our Father in heaven will give good gifts to those who ask. But is asking gifts the only thing we have to talk to our Father about? And when we ask, are we asking for good gifts, gifts that will help us grow and do us good? When Jesus prayed, he knew what he was asking for. The Lord’s Prayer is there to teach us about it.

What about us? Fish or Snake?

Join us on Sunday as we explore this new theme. We meet at 4pm at Bakkehaugen Kirke, Oslo.

Easter 2015

Easter graphic. This is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:28Please join us in observing Easter this year:

April 3rd – Good Friday

Celebration at Maicon, Carolina and Oliver’s home. Welcome to eat together, tell the story and pray!  The celebration starts at 2 pm.
Address: Lyder Sagens gate 7
RSVP: Please tell Maicon if you are coming:

April 5th – Easter Sunday

Welcome to a potluck meal before service at 2pm. Everyone is invited to bring a small dish to share. There will be no special program for the kids this day, but the rooms in the basement will be open. The regular service will begin at 4pm.

Graphic depicting Easter events.


The Old Covenant was a covenant between the Lord and the people of Israel. Jesus Christ was born a Jew and sent to the lost sheep of Israel. But what of the gentiles, those who were not part of the covenant? Did God also care about them? And did Jesus come to save them too? Or were they only left with crumbs?

Explore this topic with us and join us this Sunday at Bakkehaugen church at 4pm.