Easter 2015

Easter graphic. This is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:28Please join us in observing Easter this year:

April 3rd – Good Friday

Celebration at Maicon, Carolina and Oliver’s home. Welcome to eat together, tell the story and pray!  The celebration starts at 2 pm.
Address: Lyder Sagens gate 7
RSVP: Please tell Maicon if you are coming: maiconss@gmail.com

April 5th – Easter Sunday

Welcome to a potluck meal before service at 2pm. Everyone is invited to bring a small dish to share. There will be no special program for the kids this day, but the rooms in the basement will be open.


The Old Covenant was a covenant between the Lord and the people of Israel. Jesus Christ was born a Jew and sent to the lost sheep of Israel. But what of the gentiles, those who were not part of the covenant? Did God also care about them? And did Jesus come to save them too? Or were they only left with crumbs?

Explore this topic with us and join us this Sunday at Bakkehaugen church at 4pm.

This is My Blood – The Cup of Christ

On Sunday we will be switching to a new theme, “This is My Blood.” We will meet at Bakkehaugen church at 4pm, where we will discuss “The Cup of Christ.”

Jesus was together with his disciples, gathered around the table eating the Passover meal, a celebration to remember how God had delivered the descendants of Abraham from Egypt and called them to be his people, confirming the covenant he had made with their ancestor. Then Jesus took a cup, gave thanks and gave it to them with these words: “This is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins”.

What was Jesus talking about? What was this New Covenant? Why do we remember these words of Jesus constantly when we gather as Christians? As we approach Easter we want to remember and understand what changed with Jesus and why we now come from all corners of the earth, and gather around His table.

OiC Winter Activity day 2015

Welcome to OiC Winter Activity Day 2015!

Cross country skiing

Place: Øvresetertjern between Frogneseteren and Tryvann

Time: March 7, from 12-16pm

Transport: Metro line 1 to Voksenkollen or Frogneseteren, then walk 5-10 minutes north to Øvresetertjern

Whether you are born with skis or are experiencing the Norwegian winter for the first time, you are all welcome to join us for an afternoon outdoors. There will be a big bonfire to keep you warm. Continue reading